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Viking - Granola & Oatmeal Products

A series of granola and oatmeal products. Through the design process I wanted to convey an emotional story, a journey, which will accompany the product user throughout the day. Going beyond the dull informative depiction of the product’s content, the package should express its healthfulness and vitality through the story told by itself, and boost the user’s motivation for the day to come. That's how I got to the Vikings fighters, whose journey follows the entire series of products. Every item in the series describes a different chapter of the whole story of these brave warriors. The products included under this brand are : A can of oatmeal, two flavour granola cases, two flavour muesli cases, two flavour oatmeal packs, yoghurt, an almond drink and an energy bar pack.
Package Design course
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Third year, Shenkar
Guidance : Dekel Bubrov

Graphic Design & Creative ︎
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