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Urban Space
Graphics Manual

The urban space holds a central part of our life. We are passing through its streets, while at the background uniform cities lacking distinctive visual language merging into homogenous setting.
The project is a graphic manual for urban-space, suggesting a system of rules for construction of a graphic-identity distinguishing each city from other.  The visual language is realised through the medium of the street. The manual enables every municipality to establish and adjust a unique graphic-system, which shall define and individualise the identity and visuality of a city.

Graphic Identity / Branding / Book Design
Graduation Project, 2019, Shenkar
Guidance : Dekel Maymon & Yoav Gati

photography by : Ariel Medina

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The manual begins by presenting a systematic method of constructing the city’s graphic identity, based on a fundamental geometric shape matched to the district within which the city lays, a grid which is adjusted per the city’s demographic and geographic features, and a color chosen to represent the city’s prominent values and qualities.
Integrating all the method’s ingredients consolidate into a unique graphic symbolism for each city, a graphic array of shape and color code, used for construction of the various street’s applications.
The manual presents several examples of different street’s applications, their method of composition and the resulting graphic-system. The applications include various street signs, house numbering (the numbers incorporating the city’s geometrical form), municipal signposting, parking signs and marks, bus-stops, sidewalk-paving, curbstones and safety-fences.
Graphic Design & Creative ︎
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