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In Front

The window allows the occupant to look outside but prevents from the passerby to look inside. The catalog deals with the construction of the interior that hides behind the window in the front of the building, and creates a possible reality for the life takes place inside the apartment.
15 booklets, each booklet enclosing an apartment or several apartments. Each booklet starts with a selected window, which is the one we see from the outside, and this is the only that real. What comes next is a collection of pictures - every picture from a different person's profile that I found on web, and together they creates a profile for the apartment and finally the potential tenant who can live in the apartment.
Catalog Course
**All the images taken from diffrent people Profiles / Accounts I found online.
Third year, Shenkar
Guidance : Nirit Binyamini

Graphic Design & Creative ︎
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